Our Fuels


Chevron with Techron

Did you know that gasoline with Techron can increase your engine performance by reducing carbon buildup?  In turn, your vehicle acceleration improves, you get better miles per gallon, and you help reduce carbon emissions. Now that's something that can make you and your vehicle happy!!

Three grades of gasoline

We offer three grades of unleaded gasoline: Regular, Plus and Supreme.  Regular gasoline is a good choice for most gas-powered cars and trucks.  The Plus grade is a great choice for higher-performance vehicles. Supreme grade is an excellent choice, especially if your vehicle manufacturer suggests a premium fuel.  

Convenience Store


What We Offer:

Snacks and Drinks

Ice cream and frozen treats
Hats, t-shirts, souvenirs

Sunscreen, umbrellas

Bagged Ice

Ice Chests


Beer- domestic, import and craft

Cigarettes, Smokeless 

E-cigs, Cigars

Phone chargers (iPhone, Android)
Over-the-Counter Medicines

Dog stuff - treats, bones, toys
Oil and Automotive supplies
​Fountain drinks-coffee, sodas, frozen 

​Groceries and Household items

and so much more!

Additional items:

Local newspaper


Chevron Gift Cards

Car Wash


Shine your Ride

We offer three levels of clean for your vehicle:

     $8 "Express Wash" - Presoak, High Pressure Wash, Spot Free Rinse 

     $9 "Deluxe Wash" - the Express Wash plus Panel Blaster,  Clear Coat Protectant, and Blower 

     $10 "The Works" - the Deluxe Wash plus another presoak pass and foaming polish. 

Car Wash Discount

Save a $1 on any Car Wash option with an 8 gallon minimum gas purchase. 

Air and Water Dispensers

We offer coin-operated air and water dispensers for your vehicle.