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Man and woman wanted after stealing a stove from a front yard

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Brownsville police are asking for the public’s help in identifying two people who they say were caught on camera stealing a stove from a home.

The theft happened occurred on Thursday at the 2300 block of Rockwell Drive.

The home owners told police they fixed the stove for their in-laws, placed it outside to deliver it later and then left their house. When they returned they noticed the stove was gone.

(Source: Brownsville Police Department)

Investigators say video footage from a Ring camera shows a man approaching the home and ringing the doorbell.

Police say when the man noticed no one answered, he backed up a navy blue minivan, took the stove from the front yard, and with the help of a woman placed it in the back of the van and left.

(Source: Brownsville
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Car carrier crashes into Kamloops front yard

A semi loaded with vehicles left the road and crashed into the front yard of a home in Kamloops early this morning, Oct. 18, 2022.

A semi loaded with vehicles left the road and crashed into the front yard of a home in Kamloops early this morning, Oct. 18, 2022.

(Levi Landry / iNFOnews.ca)

A semi loaded with vehicles left the road and crashed into the front yard of a home in Kamloops early this morning.

Officers were called at around 4:20 a.m. today, Oct. 18, to Columbia Street between 12 and 13 Avenue after the semi left the road and ended up in a front yard hitting a number of other vehicles on the street.

RCMP said in a media release the driver took off after the crash but was located and arrested.

“Miraculously, no one was injured despite the damage that occurred in the area,” Kamloops RCMP media relations officer Cpl. Crystal Evelyn said in the release.

The truck careened

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Winnipeg man creates giant wintery dragon in his front yard

One Winnipeg resident hopes a wintery beast in his front yard might just bring him some good luck.

Tom Tran has sculpted a giant two-headed dragon out of snow in the front yard of his Kylemore Avenue home in Winnipeg.

“I just wanted to make something more difficult, more impressive, and I decided to make a two-headed dragon,” he told CTV News.

“Last year, I made a small one and my wife loved it, so this year I just wanted to make something more bigger.”

Tran, who is a 3D artist, said he sketched the dragon on the computer before he got bundled up and hit the snow outside. He said he would spend around 5 hours a day working on it. The whole sculpture, complete with eyes made out of Christmas decorations, took 10 days to complete.

Tom Tran has sculpted a giant two-headed dragon out of snow in

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This front yard is a horror show

Every September, Danny Petti’s front yard goes from green to gruesome.

Once the calendar flips, out come the demons. And skeletons. And — new this year — evil babies.

By the time he’s done filling his huge front lot, cars are slowing to take a peek at his “Sleepy Hollow Hideout.” Come Halloween night, he can barely keep up with all the visitors.

“Last year, there was over 2,000 people here,” he says. “It’s unbelievable. This whole street is jammed with cars.”

At 6971 Thorold Stone Rd., Petti’s pad has become a popular haunt for horror buffs the past decade. Even before he’s finished, people are parking at a nearby plaza to walk over and take it all in.

Several displays are working, belching out groans and screams as people walk by. Along the lengthy driveway are dolls covered in blood and gore. Closer to the house, a gigantic figure

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City rules on front gardens out of step: Rawlson King

The deadline for Orléans resident Georgina King to comply with a city bylaw order has been extended until Nov. 11.

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The municipality telling an Orléans woman to replace part of her front garden with grass is evidence that the City of Ottawa needs to move its rules out of the 1950s and into the 21st century, says Rawlson King, the incumbent councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe.

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14 Best Shrubs for the Front of the House

best shrubs for the front of the house - front yard landscaping

Photo: istockphoto.com

Shrubs are the foundation plants that enhance a home’s curb appeal and personality. Carefully select the best shrubs to add privacy, block street noise, and transform a house into an inviting home with natural beauty.

While you’re at it, planting the right landscaping shrubs in front of your house can actually increase its property value. Past studies have shown that well-landscaped homes can sell for 5.5 to 12.7 percent more than they might otherwise be worth. A mature landscape incorporating the best shrubs for the front of the house can boost curb appeal, so consider the following shrubs for your front landscape.

1. Boxwood

best shrubs for the front of the house - round box wood shrub

Photo: istockphoto.com

With its glossy leaves, the boxwood is one of the most popular low-maintenance evergreen shrubs. One option is Franklin’s Gem Boxwood, which reaches about 2 feet tall. Because of its short stature, this boxwood can be planted in front of taller shrubs

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